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General Business Law

Brick Gentry is committed to providing clients experience through a broad range of business law - another example of how we put clients first.

General Business Law From the moment they walk through our doors, clients can trust that our approach to solving their unique business needs is rooted in a desire to assist them in achieving success. Our firm has a highly-skilled team of advisors who bring unique perspective and knowledge as individuals as well as working collectively to meet client needs. Simply put, we stand ready, willing and able to apply our experience and knowledge to work for the benefit of our clients.

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General Business Law Areas of Expertise

Business Law

The broad experience of the attorneys comprising Brick Gentry's general business law group allows clients to receive all-inclusive legal counsel quickly with little to no learning curve. Acting alone or as a group, the general business team proves to be a tenacious force in defending a client's rights.

Brick Gentry attorneys advise clients on many general business issues, including but not limited to contracting for individuals or businesses, from neighbor-level to multi-million dollar agreements, merger and acquisitions, fundraising, employment and succession planning. For succession plans, Brick Gentry provides comprehensive business transition-planning services. These can incorporate careful long-term income tax planning for business and building business value. They can also assist in planning for an orderly distribution of assets so that beneficiaries receive the business's full value.

In addition to the traditional areas of business law, the attorney group specializes in corporate law, sports law, e-commerce law and non-profit law.

Corporate Law

Our corporate law group consists of attorneys with a broad range of skills and experience in the commercial, corporate and securities practice areas. They counsel clients in corporate and business matters both domestic and international; commercial financing and lending matters; contract law; corporate taxation; environmental law; real estate matters, including development and purchase; franchising; cooperatives; general and regulatory law; non-profit corporations and municipal law; mergers and acquisitions; formation and representation of corporations and professional corporations; partnerships; limited partnerships; limited liability companies; small business and personal business matters. Brick Gentry represents clients in all aspects of businesses, both family- and publicly-held.

Environmental Law

Because it encompasses the protection of natural resources, land and wildlife, environmental laws can interfere when businesses plan to build or expand, highways and bridges are planned, public health issues arise or energy is of issue.  For well over a decade, Brick Gentry's environmental law group has been adroitly representing and protecting the interests of business, particularly those of Iowa's agribusinesses. Because of the broad nature of environmental law, the group is comprised of lawyers from various legal disciplines who, together, offer expertise in every sector in which our clients would require representation.  

Estate Planning and Probate

Brick Gentry attorneys offer individuals and family businesses advice on will and trust planning, lifetime gifting strategies, life insurance, philanthropic and charitable objectives, asset protection strategies and disability.


They counsel and advise executors, administrators, trustees and guardians through the probate and estate administration process, such as collecting and inventorying decedent property, discovering and settling the debts of the decedent, and distributing the remaining assets to the beneficiaries.


Franchise Law

Franchisor Legal Services The Brick Gentry law firm represents businesses interested in expanding through franchising. The firm’s services include the drafting and implementation of franchise disclosure documents (FDDs) and franchise agreements in addition to assisting in the creation of franchise operations manuals. The attorneys of our franchise law group are also available to serve as general counsel to a franchise operation, including the drafting and review of contracts, assistance with employment matters, litigation and other legal matters.

Franchisee Legal Services Our franchise group offers affordable services to individuals considering buying a franchise business, counseling them through the franchising process. It also serves as outside general counsel for franchise businesses that prefer not to retain a corporate legal attorney on staff. The firm offers expertise in the review of Disclosure Documents and Franchise Agreements for potential franchisees.

Gaming Law

The practice of Gaming Law requires familiarity with the extensive regulation and regulatory oversight at multiple governmental levels, from local through federal, which impact a gaming enterprise. It articulates with other areas of law such as intellectual property, corporate, finance, employment, real estate, tax and litigation. This area of practice is intensely affected by public policy and procedures, and includes advising in matters such as licensing, business structuring, findings of suitability, work permits, disputes, investigations, and client representation in front of many regulatory bodies, to help ensure compliance with the plethora of rules and laws which impact a gaming enterprise.

Government Relations

Brick Gentry is a proven, well-regarded force in representing and protecting the interests of its clients in the Iowa Legislature by advocating and influencing grants, funding, regulatory issues and tax policies that benefit our clients. Acting on behalf of our clients, we provide a high level of expertise in policy and process, and effective strategies designed to ensure success. As respected lobbyists, we build relationships based on integrity and trust that serve our clients well.

Labor & Employment Law

In our representation of business clients, we provide advice and counsel concerning multiple employment issues. From hiring questions to creation or review of employee handbooks to termination matters, our clients rely upon our understanding and experience in providing sound legal advice coupled with an understanding of the client’s business and culture. Our clients further rely upon Brick Gentry to help them navigate through labor issues or negotiations so that they can concentrate on growing their business.

Real Estate

The attorneys of Brick Gentry perform considerable work in the field of real estate law, from single family real estate transactions to complicated multi-family projects and retail, office and warehouse developments. Clients rely on our real estate law group for answers on platting and subdivision, development, and the purchase and financing of real estate transactions. Brick Gentry attorneys have expertise across the spectrum on real estate law topics, including the areas of acquisition sales, leasing, environmental, land use and zoning, development, and tax sales and tax assessment.