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Jan 13, 2022

Presentations: Physician Contract Video Series Introduced by Paul Drey

By: Paul A. Drey | Tags: Presentations

Physicians increasingly consider employment as a viable option for conducting a healthcare practice, indicative of the current national trend toward hospitals employing physicians (see Hospital Employment of Physicians). Brick Gentry's managing partner, Paul Drey, works extensively with physicians and physician groups, and now introduces a series of brief, insightful videos to assist in weighing such employment agreements. Gain a preview of essential elements of employment contracts offered by a hospital, a hospital provider, or a physician group.

Session 1 provides an overview of some fundamental provisions within such employment agreements. Session 2 identifies major negotiable terms, including the duties and responsibilities of the physician. Session 3 discusses Compensation and Benefits provision; while Session 4 looks at Buy-Ins and professional liability insurance. Session 5 reviews Non-Compete and Termination provisions, which impact contract maneuverability. Finally, the sixth session of the series provides perspective on other major provisions within a physician's employment contract which are often overlooked as boilerplate, but are important for the future of the employed physician relationship, and warrant consideration.

Physician Contracting 101: Fundamental Provisions

Physician Contracting 101: Physician Duties and Responsibilities Provisions

Physician Contracting 101: Compensation & Bonus Provisions

Physician Contracting 101: Buy-Ins and Professional Liability Insurance Provisions

Physician Contracting 101: Non-Compete and Termination Provisions

Physician Contracting 101: Entire Agreement Provisions