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  • Municipal Law

    We serve the needs of small towns, large cities and everything in between with high-quality, responsive and efficient legal expertise.

    Areas of Expertise
  • Litigation

    Our clients know that the best advocate for them is their highly skilled litigation attorney from Brick Gentry.

    Areas of Expertise
  • Intellectual Property

    We combine our legal expertise and technical backgrounds to protect a client's innovation and corporate objective.

    Areas of Expertise
  • General Business Law

    Whether it's a neighbor-level agreement or an multi-million dollar acquisition, we are a tenacious force in defending a client's rights.

    Areas of Expertise
  • Banking and
    Financial Services

    Clients rely on our sophisticated expertise to help them navigate and handle the current financial market.

    Areas of Expertise
  • Healthcare

    Our healthcare team is well-recognized for its legal representation of healthcare clients throughout Iowa.

    Areas of Expertise
  • Agricultural Law

    Our legal experience and hands-on knowledge gives us a rare perspective and ability to advise farmers.

    Areas of Expertise
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